Extracting Inter-community Conflicts in Reddit
Srayan Datta, Eytan Adar

Anti-social behaviors in social media can happen both at user and community levels. While a great deal of attention is on the individual as an 'aggressor,' the banning of entire Reddit subcommunities (i.e., subreddits) demonstrates that this is a multi-layer concern. Existing research on inter-community conflict has largely focused on specific subcommunities or ideological opponents. However, antagonistic behaviors may be more pervasive and integrate into the broader network. In this work, we study the landscape of conflicts among subreddits by deriving higher-level (community) behaviors from the way individuals are sanctioned and rewarded. By constructing a conflict network, we characterize different patterns in subreddit-to-subreddit conflicts as well as communities of 'co-targeted' subreddits .The dynamics of these interactions also reveals a shift in conflict focus over time.

Preprint: PDF (1.9Mb), To appear, ICWSM'19. Data available on github.