Towards A Process Model for Co-Creating AI Experiences
Hariharan Subramonyam, Colleen Seifert, Eytan Adar

Thinking of technology as a design material is appealing. It encourages designers to explore the material's properties to understand its capabilities and limitations—a prerequisite to generative design thinking. However, as a material, AI resists this approach because its properties only emerge as part of the user experience design. Therefore, designers and AI engineers must collaborate in new ways to create both the material and its application experience. We investigate the co-creation process through a design study with 10 pairs of designers and engineers. We find that design 'probes' with user data are a useful tool in defining AI materials. Through data probes, designers construct designerly representations of the envisioned AI experience (AIX) to identify desirable AI characteristics. Data probes facilitate divergent design thinking, material testing, and design validation. Based on our findings, we propose a process model for co-creating AIX and offer design considerations for incorporating data probes in AIX design tools.

Pre-print: PDF, (21.8MB), DIS'21