This is a demonstration application which filters DOM elements by the rate at which they are changing (as described in this paper). They have been compiled for java 1.6 (though you should be able to recompile for an earlier version if necessary). When the application starts the sliders will be set to a range that is approximately the peak revisitation period for this page. You can feel free to move the sliders around to see what the page would look like when filtered for other rates.

You have two options for running them:

Running as an applet

Simply load click on any of the html files:

Note that the data was collected in summer of '08 and is not exactly the same data as in the paper (but for the purposes of the demo it should be the same).

* The costco page was only collected for a week so not all elements have changed. Things that should be blocked off are not in this dataset.

Running from the command line

Download: display.jar and save it locally. You'll need java, but you can type:

java -cp display.jar Display site
where site is one of woot,nytimes, or costco


Source is included in the src directory