Engineering Information Disclosure: Norm Shaping Designs
Daphne Chang, Erin L. Krupka, Eytan Adar, Alessandro Acquisti

Nudging behaviors through user interface design is a practice that is well-studied in HCI research. Corporations often use this knowledge to modify online interfaces to influence user information disclosure. In this paper, we experimentally test the impact of a norm-shaping design patterns on information divulging behavior. We show that (1) a set of images, biased toward more revealing figures, change subjects' personal views of appropriate information to share; (2) that shifts in perceptions significantly increases the probability that a subject divulges personal information; and (3) that these shift also increases the probability that the subject advises others to do so. Our main contribution is empirically identifying a key mechanism by which norm-shaping designs can change beliefs and subsequent disclosure behaviors.

Pre-print: PDF, (9Mb), Supplement (contains instructions, survey, instructions, etc.): ZIP file, to appear, CHI'16